About Obonu Music

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The music of Obonu Music delivers cross-cultural rhythms starting with your basic steady beat pop music to spicy East Caribbean Zouk, enhanced with select Asian instruments and West African drums. The diversity here is reflected in a mixture of heritage, cultures, and each artist’s unique style delivering songs and tunes celebrating Afrobeat, Smooth Jazz, Urban Soul, Reggae, New Age, Hip Hop and … a little bit country.

This is …

“Music that will create a surge inside of you

With an urge to dance for the life of you.

There is music that will chill you down

Into mellow moods with mellow sounds

Music to enjoy alone or with a special someone.

Rhythms that will tease your mind long after the night is done.”

Obonu Music was manifested from a core family of like-minded artists, including Adya, Jamon, Gabriela Flores, Nadja, Lédé, Nii Amon and several guest artists, all with a mission to deliver songs to the world that entertain, tell stories and exhibit the ever-unfolding wonder of life, however, obvious or subtle.

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